Jennifer McRae


February 26, 2018

Phoenix Arizona LDS Temple | Backyard Wedding | Kristen & Bryan

Phoenix Arizona LDS Temple Wedding Photography

Phoenix Arizona LDS Temple Wedding Photography


It was a beautiful and perfect day when Kristen and Bryan were married at the Phoenix Arizona LDS Temple. After their sealing, they were greeted by all of their friends and family cheering them on and celebrating the big day. These two couldn’t stop smiling and were in disbelief that this day was finally here. This couple dated on and off since high school and have been good friends through it all. They compliment each other in so many ways and are a perfect team.

Their backyard reception was beautifully decorated and catered by one of my favorite places… Chick-fil-a!! I could probably live off of their sandwiches and salads. But anyways, you better believe I enjoyed that meal! Such a genius idea. Why not have one of your favorite places cater your wedding?!

Guests filtered into the come-and-go reception all throughout the night to congratulate the newlyweds. It was clear to see that they are loved by so many and have a huge support group to cheer them on. All throughout the day Kristen and Bryan were beaming with joy and they celebrated with their guests.

Let’s also not forget the amazing dance party that night with some of the best dance moves to this date. I always love a good dance party and sometimes can’t resist jumping in on the fun. The groom even led out in some of the line dances. After all of the traditional events of the night wrapped up, the guests all lined up in front of the venue to send them off. Kristen and Bryan happily ran off to start their new future together as husband and wife. What a perfect day celebrating their love with all of the family and friends.

Wishing all of the best to these friends of mine! Congratulations!

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